Community Partners

Working together to create healthy, thriving communities


We are honoured to be part of our corporate partners’ employee wellbeing programmes; enabling positive and affirming work environments where employees feel supported, empowered, engaged, and motivated. Our existing corporate partners span the sectors of energy & utilities, entertainment, technology, logistics, and consumer products and services.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a corporate partner:


We are honoured to be part of our educational partners’ holistic wellbeing programmes, and be part of empowering, engaging, and activating Year 4+ children and teachers, in consciousness and positive social change. Our network of parent ambassadors, generously sponsor The Giving Week™ for their school of choice. Living Ashram™ matches every parent ambassador sponsorship. For each parent ambassador sponsored school, we sponsor one non-fee paying school.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a parent ambassador, or if you are a school interested in participating in The Giving Week:

Living Ashram™ was created to empower humanity to live happy, healthy, connected lives of purpose and meaning, through our 360 degree ethical business model empowers front end users, adults and children in crisis through our charity partners, and our positive net impact on the environment manufacturing processes.

We invite you to journey deeply, connect back to yourself, and the world beyond.