The Giving Week

For 8 years to 108 years

The Giving Week™ (TGW) is a beautifully designed, inspirational, 7 day, self administered programme of daily conscious breathing, gratitude practice, and deeds of appreciation.

The Giving Week™ (TGW) provides participants with tools for fulfilment, resilience, and happiness, through daily conscious breathing, gratitude practice, and deeds of appreciation. Seamlessly created from extensive research across neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, spirituality, and physiology; TGW™ encompasses a thoroughly comprehensive, holistic approach to wellbeing.

TGW™ empowers, engages, and activates each participant, by fostering values of compassion, empathy, nurture, tolerance, and collaboration. It enables families, partners, friends, and colleagues to share values, have open communication, meaningful discussions, and emotional connections. Each door opens to reveal the daily deed of appreciation, for participants to complete. The doors symbolise the beginning of our journey back to deeper consciousness and connection to self, others, community, nature, and beyond.

TGW™ works equally well as a fun and meaningful activity for individuals 8-108 years, as a company employee wellbeing programme, corporate gifting, and in schools for children in year 4+.

We have a net positive environmental impact manufacturing process; using renewable energy, and waterless, zero pollution, and zero to landfill printing. We are part of the circular economy; TGW™ is handcrafted in the UK using 100% recycled cardboard, and is 100% recyclable.

Younger participants may wish to complete TGW™ with a parent or other responsible adult. It is a wonderful way to share and teach values, and have honest, meaningful discussions. The conscious breathing and gratitude practice advice are minimum guidelines. On days where participants wish to continue conscious breathing or give thanks for more blessings, please go ahead and take all the time required. As little as one minute of conscious breathing allows our minds to relax and focus. Even after TGW™ is completed, participants may wish to continue a daily conscious breathing or meditation practice, and can use this tool anytime they need to calm or slow down, transition, or focus. In neuroscience terms, conscious breathing allows our bodies to override the “fight/flight/freeze” reaction set off by our amygdala/lizard brain, and enables our prefrontal cortex, which governs rational, conscious thought, and focus, to take control.

We recommend participants keep a gratitude/blessing journal, and physically write out what they are grateful for. We recommend that participants spend the last 30 seconds of the gratitude practice, visualising and holding in their bodies, the positive emotions that they feel, when they think about their blessings. Some examples of positive emotions might be, “happy, fulfilled, empowered, strong, courageous, kind, loved, loving, safe, supported, nurtured, accepted, valued” etc.

Research shows that when we think about people and things that we appreciate, and really hold that feeling in our bodies (for as little as 30 seconds), our cortisol levels decrease, our bodies start to calm themselves, and dopamine is released which increases contentment and motivation. Studies show that people who have a regular gratitude practice have increased levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, focus, and energy (Emmons & McCullough). After completing TGW™, participants may wish to continue a daily gratitude practice, to help foster positivity, focus, receptiveness to learning, and the ability to self soothe, and self-calm.

TGW is £20/unit + shipping

Living Ashram™ was created to empower humanity to live happy, healthy, connected lives of purpose and meaning, through our 360 degree ethical business model empowers front end users, adults and children in crisis through our charity partners, and our positive net impact on the environment manufacturing processes.

We invite you to journey deeply, connect back to yourself, and the world beyond.