Charity Partners

In aid of adults and children in crisis

25% of all company sales are dedicated to fund highly targeted programmes at our charity partners that are designed to enable domestic violence and abuse survivors to heal, permanently break the abuse cycle, and live emotionally and financially healthy, independent lives.
Two of our charity partners, Hestia and Solace Women’s Aid, provide 48 domestic abuse & violence refuges for adults and children across London and the outer counties, and support over 25,000 adults and children every year.
Our third charity partner, UK Says No More, actively advocates, educates and campaigns nationwide to rehabilitate survivors and prevent future generations of abuse.
We worked very closely with our charity partners to design highly targeted funding to provide sustainable employment and skills training to abuse survivors, childcare for survivors to enable them to attend training, dedicated trauma support for children and their families, and advocacy and education programmes for adults and children 14 years+.

Living Ashram™ was created to empower humanity to live happy, healthy, connected lives of purpose and meaning, through our 360 degree ethical business model empowers front end users, adults and children in crisis through our charity partners, and our positive net impact on the environment manufacturing processes.

We invite you to journey deeply, connect back to yourself, and the world beyond.