Our team has invested decades and significant resources into wellbeing and growth. Our journeys have sent us around the world, from neuroscience research, clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy, pioneering digestive health regimes, ICF Master Life Coach training, working with elite professional athletes, guiding transformational movement and breathwork, leading workshops, retreats, and high level transformational coaching programs; to healing trauma and undergoing therapeutic fasting. We have tried it all and incorporated only the most effective, science and evidence based methods into our wellbeing app, self-assessments, and high level transformational coaching programs.


Our science and evidence based, access anytime/anywhere, wellbeing app with guided practices, part of our app
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Our highly targeted content and resources to inspire, support and empower, part of our app
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High impact workshops, 1:1 & group programs designed to empower participants to break free & breakthrough
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Wellbeing App

Half of our wellbeing app consists of The Giving Week™, our guided wellbeing program, which enables users to achieve a positive state of wellbeing across the four core pillars of health.

The Giving Week™ applies extensive evidence-based research and methodologies across neuroscience, psychology, physiology, mindfulness and spirituality into an immediately actionable, practical wellbeing toolkit that’s easy to integrate into daily life. Journey back to self and find perspective, peace, connection and purpose. Relieve stress, release limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns and regain motivation.

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Wellbeing App: Resource Hub

The other half of our wellbeing app consists of our highly targeted content and resources to inspire, support and empower positive shifts across the four pillars of health.

Articles, book recommendations, videos, urgent helplines, social support, volunteer matching and more enable users to have impactful, deep insights in wellbeing.

Transformational Coaching

Our high level, high impact workshops, 1:1 and group transformational coaching programs harness the power of neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality to unlock quantum leaps in holistic wellbeing. 

We empower participants to experience deep mental, emotional, and physiological shifts, so they can shatter all internal & external glass ceilings, create, and live a professional & personal life that’s meaningful, authentic, joy filled, and free. 


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